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I'm a Ph.D. student in the Spirals team at CRIStAL lab, the University of Lille, in web privacy and security. I work on browser fingerprinting, its evolution, its privacy problematics and how to leverage it to enhance web security. I'm a co-maintainer of the website.
I work mainly in JavaScript with NodeJS, but I also program in Python, Go and Java.

I am giving classes during the first year of the Bachelor degree. I supervise Practical Work in Algorithmic and Spreadsheet. I also manage student projects in Master degree.

I'm also part of the Association des Doctorants en Sciences de Lille (Sciences Ph.D Students Association)

Work experiences

Software Engineer Vade Secure - Paris/France 2017-2018

The original product of the company was a filter working with a Saas model. It has a lot of constraints for the company (infrastructures, maintenance) as well as the customers (redirecting the MX records).

The project I worked on was an Office 365 plugin integrating the company's filter. Lighter, faster and completely transparent for the user, the product gets information from the filter and applies the configured behavior, such as deleting the email, moving it to a different folder, or adding a banner to warn for a phishing or spear-phishing threat. The project also includes designing and developing functionalities such as logs and statistical reports, to help the domain administrator to make decisions and adapt the behavior desired.

On another part, I worked on the anti-phishing solution. URLs in emails are checked during the email filtering, but what they are pointing to can be changed after the emails are sent. The solution I helped to design and develop was a rewriting of the URLs in emails to be redirected to a dynamic URL checker.

Go, JavaScript

Software Developer Intern Dassault Systèmes - Vélizy Villacoublay/France 2017

The pharmaceutical industry is always trying to develop new medicines. To do so, they need to easily make links between biological elements that could interact together to propose the desired effect. The project I worked on wanted to fill that need. The goal was to develop a piece of software that could easily suggest links and interaction between proteins, chemical elements such as enzymes to help with the visualization of the impacts of such combinations.

In this project, the data sources were multiple: proteins (from UniProt), molecules, compounds (from ChEMBL), interactions, and so on. The data was stored with the RDF framework and were huge: some dataset had several dozens of billions of entries. My work included the study of data sources and the creation of indexing pipelines. To index the data, we tested several tools, some were public - such as Virtuoso - and some were developed internally.

Java, RDF

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Intern Inria - Villeneuve d'Ascq/France 2016

I checked the abstract syntax semantic of the ShEx language and implemented two validation algorithms on ShEx graphs.

Java, RDF

Intern Bikay - Phnom Penh/Cambodia 2015

I worked on a hotel room and accommodation managing web app.

HTML/CSS, Php/Laravel

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Intern Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag - Trondheim/Norway 2014

In a research laboratory, I helped create a piece of software to detect visualize 3D coordinates in real-time.

C/C++, Qt

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Master in Software Engineer - University of Lille 2017
 Continuous Integration, Web Frameworks, Software tools

Bachelor in Computer Science - University of Lille 2015
 Programming, Systems, Networks